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Quadcopter rent

SEZ "Dubna" offers quadcopter rental at an affordable price.
Shooting from quadcopter is an unusual, versatile way to show any objects, events in dynamics at any angle. This can involve your business development - video presentation for the partners, real estate sale or video clip on the company website, as well as everyday moments – a wedding, corporate event, sport event. Innovative technology of shooting from the air will make any event unique, memorable and colorful.

From the bird’s eye viewone can make panoramic photos and a short film, with you as a director. It's unconventional, and most importantly cheap. The main advantages of footage from a quadcopter besides affordable prices are efficiency and its high quality.
Quadcopter is controlled by our operator, time countdown starts from the takeoff moment.

The following prices are valid:

Photo \ video footage with quadcopter
Mavic 2 Pro
for 20 min 4 000 RUB.
Photo \ video footage with quadcopter
Mavic 2 Pro
for 40 min 6 000 RUB.
One-time purchase of ready picture 1 pcs. 1 000 RUB.
Other time conditions are discussed additionally.

If shooting object is located more, than 20 km from Dubna additional transport fees may be charged.

The strong gusty winds more than 8-9 m/s, rain, storm, heavy snow may cause multicopter flight restrictions. Shooting possibilities in the darkness are also limited.

What do we offer:

  • Professional photo and video footage
  • Picture broadcasting on the screen during the shooting

The quadcopter with camera has many applications:

  • Real estate advertising photography;
  • Mass events observation and recording;
  • Dynamic scenes shooting for movies and videos;
  • Professional activities - objects exploration, examination, on-site inspection, search in difficult to reach places.

Our works:

For all questions concerning quadcopter rent please contact the head of department: