Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.


JSC “SEZ TIT “Dubna” offers complex cleaning services for residents and other people, renting premises in SEZ “Dubna” under service contracts.

Pricelist for Society’s SEZ “Dubna”Innovative-technological buildings office cleaning services

No. Service name Price RUB/sq.m/month including VAT
1 Routing cleaning (once a week) 40,00
2 Routing cleaning (twice a week) 53,00
3 Routing cleaning (thrice a week) 70,00
4 Routing cleaning (5 times a week) 107,00
5 One-time routine cleaning (PL. FROM 1 TO 50 KVM.) 1000,00 (The price is given for the room)
6 One-time routine cleaning (pl. from 51 to 100 square meters.) 1300,00 (The price is given for the room)
7 One-time routine cleaning (area more than 100 sq.m) 1500,00 (The price is given for the room)
Cleaning ofcustomer's premises is performed by the staff, equipment and cleaning agents of the Contractor and includes the following activities:
Wet wiping of window sills, nightstands.
Wet wiping of surfaces, switches, sockets.
Removal of stains and sticky substances (chewing gum, plasticine, etc.) from floors and upholstered furniture.
Removal of garbage and papers from bins.
Garbage removal from the premises.
Wet wiping or washing of the floor with a special compound.

Types of works may be additionally agreed with the Customer, depending on the equipment of the room.

On issues of rendering the Company's services for cleaning office premises of the buildings of the Innovation and Technology Center of the SEZ "Dubna":