Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

To obtain permits

To make permits to access the SEZ territory is needed:

1. To submit an application in free form to register in personal resident’s account (an application scan signed by the head of the organization with the seal of the organization)to the email address skud@oezdubna.ru

2. To photograph:
          From Monday to Friday at 11:00 IT department SEZ Dubna, off. №422 (Moscow Region,Dubna, ul. Programmistov, 4) or to provide a photo of an employee
              (in any graphical format, on a white background with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, minimum height 1200 pixels) to the email
             address skud@oezdubna.ru

The price list for registration of permits on the territory of SEZ “Dubna”
Type of service Price for unit, rub. (including VAT)
1 Encoding of plastic cards for access control 250
2 Encoding of fobs for access control (the barrier) 2600

Accessstatistics service
Type of service Price for unit, rub. (including VAT)
One time statistics access of organization employees to territory of ETC (not more than 1 time per month) 3100