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Personnel provision

The managing company JSC "SEZ TIT "Dubna" together with the Administration of Dubna, International University of nature, society and man "Dubna" (IUNSM "Dubna") and the largest enterprises of the city are developing target programs for the preparation and retraining of professional staff.


International University of nature, society and man "Dubna" (IUNSM "Dubna") is the base for SEZ "Dubna" institution of higher professional education for training and retraining.

650 first-year students enter
the University each year
300 University graduates
are employed in the town
The University provides training in 35 specialties and training directions:
Fundamental informatics and information technologies, applied mathematics and computer science, physics, chemistry, materials science, power and electrical engineering, nuclear physics and technology, aircraft engineering, construction and technology of electronic tools, software engineering, alternative and renewable energy sources, electrical equipment of aircrafts, radiation safety, technology of geological exploration, geophysics, software engineering for computers and automated systems.


The center provides assistance in staffing the resident companies of SEZ "Dubna".



Monitoring the staffing needs of the resident companies of SEZ "Dubna"

The center promotes the employment of applicants inof SEZ "Dubna".


Information activities

The centre organizes presentations of resident companies of SEZ "Dubna", tours, fairs of vacancies and training places, and also participates in fairs of vacancies and educational places.


Providing interaction

The center prepares a tripartite agreement between the resident company of SEZ "Dubna", Dubna University and the student. In accordance with the terms of this contract, the student gets the opportunity to undergo training in activities of the resident companies of SEZ "Dubna", as well as the ability to find a job in these companies.


Organization of full-time educational process

The center provides support for full-time educational process of University "Dubna"students on the territory of a special economic zone with the assistance of representatives of resident companies of SEZ "Dubna".


The purpose of the establishment and work of the school "workforce of the future":

Focused and systematic search for young and talented professionals, graduates of Universities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, compatriots living abroad and foreign experts with the aim of attracting them to the science city of Dubna to work in the resident companies of SEZ "Dubna".

The realization of the potential of International University of nature, society and man "Dubna" as a basic Institution for specialized training and retraining of highly qualified specialists for SEZ "Dubna" resident companies.


  • Territorial administration RosSEZ in Moscow region
  • Resident companies of SEZ "Dubna"
  • Enterprises ofDubna SPC
  • International University "Dubna"
  • The administration of Dubna
  • The Committee on labor and employment of Moscow Region

The selection system of students:

The selection system of students in the school "workforce of the future" is based on the results of the special competitive tasks and/or tests taking into account the recommendations of the University.

There are six sections In the structure of the school "workforce of the future":
  • nuclear-physical and nanotechnologies;
  • nanochemistry;
  • information technology;
  • biomedical technology;
  • design of complex technical systems;
  • economy and management.

Specialized subsections for training projects, conducting experiments and other learning and practical training can be formed within sections of the school "workforce of the future" during the annual sessions.

The most important and essential component of the school "workforce of the future" is educational and practical classes and visits to resident companies of SEZ "Dubna" and to enterprises of the scientific-industrial complex of the city as a potential place of future work, where students have the opportunity to get acquainted with their activities, scientific and practical development, organizational structure, corporate discipline.

The students of the school "workforce of the future" are issued a Certificate of the established sample after the completion of the training. The certificate of training completion in the school "workforce of the future" is a recommendatory document, and gives priority admission to permanent job in the resident companies of the special economic zone "Dubna" and the enterprises of scientifically-industrial complex of the city.