Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

Amendments in agreement conclusion

In case if a resident of SEZ intends to modify the terms of the agreement about the implementation of activities, associated with changes in a business plan, a resident must submit a statement to the RF Ministry of Economic Development, as well as a business plan according to the format established by the Order № 75 as of 23rd of March 2006 “The adoption of business plans formats, that are submitted to conclude (to modify)agreements on operating technology-innovative and industrial-production activities”

The modifications that are made in the agreement about activities and are not connected with the modification of its fundamental terms are established in the Additional Agreement. In this case the resident of SEZ must provide the documents to confirm the validity of the modifications in the Agreement without detailed examination of the expert council.

Factual patterns entailing the modifications of agreement terms about the implementation of activities:

  • the adjustment of the range of activities by resident;
  • the adjustment of the volumes, the construction and commissioning periods of its private facilities in the territory of SEZ by resident;
  • taking a decision about the construction (about the rejection of the construction) of private facilities in the territory of SEZ by resident;
  • increasing of the requested amounts of energy that are required to implement the declared activity by resident.