Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

The residents of Dubna SEZ are provided with the possibility to lease the land plots with required area, with connected communications, motor roads and utility networks.


Land plots are spatially located in two regions: The Programming Centre of Russia (PCR) and the New Industrial Area.

Office premises, conference halls, industrial and engineering premises, places in the underground parking are available for lease.

The premises are ready for operation. The premises can be rented both, by SEZ residents, and by the companies without this status.

The PCR 110 kV substation with capacity of 50 MW has been built in order to meet the power requirements of Dubna SEZ objects and of the neighboring area. Additionally, the possibility has been realized in power transfer from the two city power supply centres.

Total energy availability for Dubna SEZ is 108 MW

Duty-free zone regime is valid in the area of Dubna SEZ since 2012, allowing foreign products importing and exporting (equipment, raw materials, constitutive elements, construction materials) without paying customs dues and VAT. All objects within the customs infrastructure are equipped with the hi-tech equipment.

The Resident Hotel is located within the territory of Dubna SEZ.
The hotel is in possession of 122 hotel suites:

74 for commercial
48 for beneficial occupation
by the employees of Dubna SEZ resident companies

Convenient and affordable workspace for business and informal interacting between Dubna specialists, as well as city guests. The project is aimed at young entrepreneurs of the city, employees of resident companies of SEZ "Dubna", freelancers and partnership projects employees.

Room space: 259m2 Capacity: 70ppl