Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

Energy resources

Power supply

To meet the needs ofSEZ “Dubna” andadjacentterritoryobjects a feeding center substation "Russian center of programming" 110 kV with a capacity of 50 MW was built on the left-bank territory of SEZ “Dubna”. The construction of the feeding center on the right-bank territory of the "New industrial zone" of 110 kV with a capacity of 50 MW is being performed. In addition, there is a possibility power transmission from the city power centers.


  • Total electricity provision of SEZ “Dubna” is 61,0 MW.
  • Heating supplied directly from Dubna boiler plant.
  • Water supply is provided by the city pump filter station.
  • The drains are responsible for household and storm sewers.

SEZ “Dubna” energy provision

Type of energy resource Russian
Programming Center
industrial zone
Heating 20 Gcal/h 25 Gcal/h
Water supply 17 000 m3/day 1 950 m3/day
Sewerage 17 000 m3/day 1 950 m3/day
Electricity 47,0 MW 14,0 MW

Heat supply

The boiler house №1 of the Russian programming center meets the most modern quality standards. The boiler-house equipped with natural gas with a capacity of 32.4 Gcal / hour will provide thermal energy to the facilities of residents located on the 1st and 2nd stages of development.