Площадка: Новая промышленная зона
Резидент: ООО "Кавиар Биосистем"
Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

Adjacent territory

The territory SEZ adjacent to SEZ "Dubna" includes parts of Dubna urban district territory outside the bounds of a special economic zone. The land area of 189,5 hectares is considered as adjacent territory, intended for construction of residential neighborhood for the families ofresident companies specialists. In accordance with the area plan project of the Programming Centre of Russia, approved by the Order of the Main Department of architecture and urban planning of Moscow region as of 26.06.2006 and the head of Dubna city as of 15.12.2006, No. R-1776 residential buildings and social infrastructure will be located on the adjacent territory.
The construction of engineering infrastructure as part of the engineering systems: heating, water supply and drainage, HVAC, outdoor lighting, gas supply, signaling and communication is on final stage.
Residental neighborhood

The draft plan of the residential district in the left-bank part of Dubna, approved by the Order of the Main Department of architecture and urban planning of Moscow Region as of 26.06.2006 and the Head of Dubnaordinance as of 15.12.2006 No. R-1776

The development plan consists of two quarters C1 and C2. The commissioning is estimated in 2018.

  • Quarter C1 consists of a five-section residential building No. 7, four-section building No. 22 – the hotel, internal Parking.
  • Quarter of S2 consists of five-section residential building No. 8, three-section building No. 23 – hotel, four-section building No. 24 – hotel.
Apartment buildings

The construction of accommodation for SEZ “Dubna” resident companies specialists is performed by the organization of special cooperatives on PCR adjacent territory (left-bank territory of SEZ "Dubna")

Currently constructed:

  • 2 residential houses;
  • Total number of apartments 207;
  • Commissioning period 2016

The kindergarten and secondary school are constructed on the left-bank territory of SEZ “Dubna”:

  • Number of kindergarten places – 185;
  • Number of school places – 792;
  • Kindergarten commissioning period: 1 quarter of 2016;
  • School commissioning period: 2017.
Yacht club

The Yacht club on the adjacent territory has been drafted:

  • Close proximity of rivers Volga, Dubna, Sestra and Ivankovskoe water storage;
  • The area boarders with residential compex;
  • Embankment arrangement: beach, commercial pavilions, playgrounds, bicycle lanes;
  • Pier (parking for yachts) in the city center.