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Дата съемки: 09.02.2018г.

JSC EDB (Experimental Design Bureau) «Aerospace systems»

The area of activity of EDB "Aerospace systems":

· Onboard cable networks (OCN) of aircrafts and helicopters, including for harsh environments (high temperature, humidity, exposure to aviation fluids, vibrations and shock acceleration);

· Racks and stands for integrated modular avionics (IMA);

· Generation and distribution of aircrafts electrical energy ;

· Switching and distribution devices, remote controls and dashboard of the car.

· Bench-scale facilities to conduct ground tests of electrical systems "turnkey";

· Test systems to check the quality of installation and functioning of the units and wire bundles;

· External and internal lighting equipment;

· Certification and integration of on-Board aircraft equipment;

· Technical publications development in accordance with S1000D standard.

The existing experience of designing on-Board systems, scientific and technical potential and the traditional close cooperation with the customer and manufacturing allow EDB:

· To design onboard systems and components in accordance with the latest trends in the field of CAD (computer-aided design system) systems, technological innovations in production, modern methods of work organization within an engineering company;

· To establish the quality level of the developed products, that corresponded to the aviation standards, at the design stage;

· To analyze the reliability of the product and determine the service life of the product under specified operating conditions;

· To design wire bundles with consideration of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with other on-Board systems and protection from external electromagnetic radiation;

· To produce a complete set of design documentation in accordance with national and international standards.

The following challengesaremet in the design of on-Board systems and cable networks:

· Controlling the cost of the product at each stage;

· Minimizing mass-dimensional characteristics of the manufactured wire bundles and developed devices;

· Maximum using of internal volume of the structure;

· Ensuring manufacturability of the device harnesses design in fabrication and installation;

· Using only certified components;

· Setting the required indicators of reliability and product quality level as the basis at the design stage.

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+ 7 (495) 526-69-68